Pre-arrest Diversion Program (Proxy)

Law Enforcement officers in all jurisdictions in Chippewa County complete a proxy tool for all criminal arrests, ordinance violations with a state statute counterpart, and underage drinking violations. Officers may divert low to medium risk individuals with no prior arrests or convictions to the First Time Offender Program directly. This referral does not go through the District Attorney's office. The First Time Offender program is a one hour educational session regarding ramifications of citations/criminal violations and thought process leading to violations. First time underage drinking violators participate in a 4 hour evidence based education session regarding ramifications of underage drinking. Individuals must remain offense free during the duration of the program, 30-60 days. Successful participants avoid citation and criminal charges ad in most cases the offense remains off Wisconsin Circuit Court Access or is dismissed. There is a fee for the program.
Rose Baier
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CJCC Coordinator
(715) 726-7798
Chippewa County CJCC
711 N. Bridge St, Room 218
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