Pre-arrest Diversion Program (Proxy)

Dunn County is developing a formal Pre-Charge Diversion Program. In June 2016, law enforcement (cities and county) will begin utilizing the Proxy risk screener in the field with all offenses which could be criminal in nature. Law enforcement will be able to divert offenders based on discretion and a list of eligible offenses. Diverted offenders will have 72 hours to contact the Pre-Charge Diversion Program coordinator with the District Attorney's Office. The Deferred Prosecution Coordinator will determine eligibility based on risk (low or first time offenders), offense, and prior participation in a diversion program. Participants will observe an education video to learn about the repercussions of their behavior and the impact of a criminal record. Participants will also complete a thinking report as a means of understanding their behavior. Participants must remain crime free for a 6 month period duration of the program. Successful participants will have their unfiled charges dropped. For those participants that are unsuccessful in completing the program requirements, charges will resume with traditional adjudication. Participants may have a program fee or community service option.
Deanna Arntson
Job Title: 
Deferred Prosecution Coordinator
(715) 231-6664
Dunn County Treatment Court
615 Stokke Parkway
Menomonie, WI 54751