Pre-charge Diversion Program

Operating after Revocation is a problem in Sauk County, and presents with a set of intricate circumstances that increase the rate of recidivism substantially. Operating after Revocation charges further complicate the already complex process by which individuals obtain their driving privileges. Often times the crime of OAR is rooted in financial disparity. Many individuals who are convicted of these offenses want to be compliant; however, many are simply unable to meet the expectations due to financial constraints. The OAR/OWL Diversion Program offers diversion from formal criminal charge in favor of case management, which provides the participant with direction and support in clearing up all driver’s license related obstacles. Upon successful completion of the program, the diverted criminal OAR/OWL charge would not be filed; therefore, the participant would have no court appearances, would pay no fines or court costs, and would not serve any jail sentence for such offense. The savings to the participant includes financial cost savings and criminal charge aversion; however, the greatest impact is on the overall lifestyle improvements that each participant stands to benefit from. These include employability and budgeting in addition to many other areas of a person’s life. While effectively changing the future of each participant, the criminal justice system also saves resources.
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