Post-charge Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Program

Chippewa County has a Post-charge treatment and diversion (Front-End Intervention Treatment - FIT) program which is a 12-24 month diversion program specifically designed for non-violent offenders for whom substance abuse is a contributing factor in their criminal activity. Offenders are diverted out of the criminal justice system in order to reduce placement on probation, in jail and prison. FIT allows for diversion of criminal charges while receiving treatment and services. The services provided in FIT are directly linked to the assessed risk level of the offender identified through a COMPAS assessment. FIT consists of phases and completion of programming identified through criminogenic need areas, such as a Cognitive Based Thinking Program, which has been proven to reduce recidivism. Case Management, random drug and alcohol testing, and treatment plan goals are dependent on risk level, needs, performance, and compliance. Upon successful completion charges are either dismissed or reduced. Chippewa County also has a Post-charge Deferred Prosecution program with less intense services. This is supervised by a service provider in the community.
Risk Level: 
All risk levels
Risk Assessment Tools: 
COMPAS (CORE) (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions CORE)
IDA (Impaired Driving Assessment)
Post-plea/pre-adjudication or conviction
Kayce Lawcewicz
Job Title: 
Diversion Specialist
Chippewa County
711 N. Bridge St, Room 222
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
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Medication Assisted Treatment: