National Institute of Corrections Evidence-Based Decision Making Initiative

State Crisis Intervention Program

The Byrne State Crisis Intervention Program (Byrne SCIP) provides funding for the creation and/or implementation of extreme risk protection order programs, state crisis intervention court proceedings, and related gun violence reduction programs/initiatives.

TAD Competitive Grant Process for CY24 Funding

A total of $9,688,900 in grant funds is available to counties or Native American tribes in Wisconsin to support existing Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) projects during calendar year 2024 (CY 2024).  This is the same amount of funds that was available for CY 2023. The vast majority of funds will support continuation funding for existing treatment court and diversion program projects that received 2023 TAD funds.

Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Program (TAD)

The Treatment Alternatives and Diversion program was established by the 2005 Wisconsin Act 25 to support county and efforts that provide treatment and diversion programs for non-violent adult offenders for whom substance abuse was a contributing factor in their criminal activity. As required by state statute, the TAD program is funded on a five-year cycle, and grants have been awarded to counties and tribes for calendar year 2024.  There have been numerous expansions of the TAD program with TAD programs now operating in 57 counties and 3 tribes in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Deflection Initiative (WDI)

Wisconsin Deflection Initiative (WDI) is a proactive community approach that addresses public health and safety challenges faced in Wisconsin communities.  By incorporating one or more of the following six pathways of Deflection, communities can now identify and deflect at risk populations to treatment and recovery services with limited criminal justice exposure.  Deflection programs connect individuals to systems of care at the earliest point possible to provide necessary resources and ski

Wisconsin Treatment Court Standards Trainings

In 2014, the State CJCC Problem-Solving Courts Subcommittee supported a BJA Adult Drug Court Discretionary statewide grant to develop and provide multiple statewide, regional trainings based on the Wisconsin Treatment Court Standards. Through this grant, the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the Wisconsin Association of Treatment Court Professionals (WATCP), and the Director of State Courts Office are collaborating to provide training on the Standards for treatment courts across the state.