Pre-charge Diversion Program

The Milwaukee County Diversion Program offers those who are determined to be at low risk for re-offense—based upon the results of one or more scientifically validated criminal re-offense risk assessment scales—and who are not excluded by criteria listed below the opportunity to be diverted from the justice system. Diversion requires that these individuals, after being arrested for a crime that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office (“MCDA”) determines can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt (hereinafter referred to as the “provable charge”) and is not subject to legitimate 4th, 5th or 6th amendment claims, meet specific program expectations and remain crime free for the term of the Diversion. All participants in the Diversion Program will be required to have the assistance of legal counsel and will complete and sign a written Diversion Agreement. Those who successfully meet these conditions will not be subject to a criminal charge on their record. Those who fail to meet these conditions will be prosecuted for their provable charge.
Jeffrey Altenburg
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Deputy District Attorney
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Milwaukee District Attorney's Office
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