Pre-charge Diversion Program

180° Juvenile Diversion provides a valuable program opportunity for positive change in the lives of young adults who have had contact with law enforcement and the legal system. The agency offers a voluntary alternative to the criminal justice system for individuals ages 17-22, and their families. Through the completion of a strict 9-month program, young offenders will learn from their mistakes, make positive changes in their lives, and take responsibility for their actions. The program’s research-based approach is built on a foundation of family & community involvement, proven methods of diversion from across the U.S. and a solid network of city, county, state and national partnerships. The nine-month process includes: - 72 hours of evidence-driven curriculum and life-skills classes - A minimum of 40 hours of community service - Six months of case management - Professional guest speakers and advisers - Random Drug testing - Restorative justice, in which participants directly address those they have harmed by committing a crime If an agreement has been previously reached by the District Attorney’s Office and/or referring organization, formal charges may be reduced and/or dismissed. The young adults’ records remain clean and they are able to make a fresh start.
Rebecca Scott
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Case Manager
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180 Diversion
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