Pre-charge Diversion Program

Despite being a multi-level program, the primary targets are individuals who were referred for or arrested for a crime involving alcohol or drugs or the use of substances. These individuals are known as pre-charge diversion referrals. The intent is to keep low risk offenses/individuals out of the traditional criminal justice system. They are provided an opportunity for an intervention soon after arrest. Interventions range from anger management and domestic violence classes to alcohol/drug treatment referrals. DIV participants are subject to drug/alcohol testing and ultimately sign a deferred prosecution agreement with the District Attorney’s Office. In exchange for completion of the programs and terms of their agreement, the District Attorney’s Office does not file charges. Although the initiative is pre-charge diversion, we are also able to provide oversight and case management to deferred prosecution agreements that have already been charged in court and deferred entry of judgment convictions; both of these agreements are approved by the Pierce County Circuit Court Judge.
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