Post-charge Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Program

The Richland County Post-charge Diversion Program is merely a policy of the District Attorney's office. There is no formal funded "program." Rather, if the facts of the case and the circumstances of the defendant are appropriate, the disposition of the case may involve a Diversion Agreement. The Defendant must enter a plea to a charge or charges. It is usually for one to four years and has several conditions, which vary based upon the type of case and the perceived needs of the defendant. The follow-up on the Agreement is predominantly handled by probation and parole. To enter into an Agreement, the offender is required to be placed on probation concurrently. Probation violations and the commission of new crimes are by far and away the most frequent basis for the revocation of Agreements. Motions to revoke Diversion Agreements are made on a regular basis and are often granted by the Court. The case then goes to a regular sentencing hearing. Otherwise, if the defendant has complied with the Agreement, the charge is usually dismissed.
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