Community Engagement, Trust and Confidence: Engaging, Listening and Improving Justice for All: Part 2

Jul 14 2020

Presented by NCSC, the second episode, moderated by District of Columbia Chief Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby, will introduce several of the Community Engagement pilot sites whose participants will discuss their experiences in planning and convening engagements with court users and stakeholders in minority communities, including young adults and Native Americans. The speakers will showcase how their teams work both individually and collaboratively to engage the public while also advancing understanding of how courts can best overcome social inequities and bias and build trust. They will be joined by social scientists from the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center and the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice, who will engage in a lively discussion about the science of public participation and its implications for more meaningful community engagement. The panelists will also discuss the multiple types of participation being used in the six Community Engagement Pilot projects and the findings emerging from those engagements.

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