Making Changes: Cognitive Behavioral Interventions in Jails and Community Corrections

Feb 10 2021

Presented by COSSAP, Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) is a well-researched, evidence-based practice
that can be effectively incorporated into treatment and programming plans for people who have been arrested or incarcerated or are on probation/parole. Several popular cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) modalities exist that address antisocial or criminal thinking for individuals in the criminal legal system. Many organizations working with individuals in
the criminal legal system have integrated these CBT programs and/or other cognitive behavioral interventions (CBIs) into their treatment plans for individuals with substance use disorders.

Jails and community corrections settings provide different challenges to the implementation of CBT programs. For those
exploring the implementation of these types of programs, learning from similar agencies who have successfully implemented is valuable. This webinar will feature presentations from jail and community corrections leaders describing the implementation of CBT programs in their organizations.

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