Door County

Post-charge Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Program

The DA has a program for select offenders to avoid criminal conviction in some cases and/or avoid more serious types of criminal conviction for select charged offenders. Identified cases are selected by the DA's Office to enter into an agreement, known as Deferred Acceptance of a Guilty plea ( DAGP). In exchange for pleas to select charges, the offender is given an opportunity to avoid a conviction on those charges. If certain conditions are met within a stated time, the charges are ultimately reduced or dismissed. If the DAGP is not complied with, the pleas are accepted by the Court, convictions entered and sentence imposed. All DAGPs are subject to approval by the Court. They may be used on their own or in tandem with formal probation supervision by the DOC. For DOC involvement, there must be criminal convictions for offenses above and beyond those included in the DAGP.
Raymond Pelrine
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District Attorney
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