Treatment Alternatives and Diversion CY17 Competitive Funding Update
Feb 23 2016

As a result of recent expansions of the Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) program to over $4 million annually, TAD projects are now operating in approximately half the jurisdictions in the state. TAD projects include a broad spectrum of activities ranging from pretrial diversion at the initial prosecutorial decision making stage,  to treatment courts, and alternatives to revocation, all based on local needs and project design requirements. 

Wisconsin Treatment Court Standards Trainings Delivered Statewide
Nov 30 2015

Throughout September and October 2015, local teams from counties and tribes across Wisconsin completed training designed to improve the functioning of their treatment court programs.  The training received an overwhelming response from treatment court teams around the state, as over 500 attended, representing 71 out of 74 fully operational treatment courts in Wisconsin.  This series of six trainings, held regionally across t

State CJCC Approves Framework for Defining and Measuring Recidivism
Sep 03 2015

Over the course of the last year, the Data Sharing and Outcomes, Trends, and Indicators (OTIs) Subcommittee has been working towards the establishment of a framework for defining and measuring recidivism, which was requested by the State CJCC.  The subcommittee has been working to develop consistency in how recidivism is calculated across the state and to create a roadmap for what to consider and what to include when measuring recidivism. 

Statewide EBDM Efforts Featured in Wisconsin Counties Magazine
Aug 10 2015

Wisconsin's work in the National Institute of Corrections' Evidence-Based Decision Making (EBDM) Initiative is featured in a series of articles in this month's Wisconsin Counties magazine.

Effective Treatments for Methamphetamine Addiction
Jul 08 2015

The State of Wisconsin continues to struggle with Methamphetamine addiction. The following links and resources discuss effective treatments for this addiction:National Institute on Drug Abuse - What Treatments are Effective for People who Abuse Methamphetamines?

Wisconsin Adult Criminal Justice Program Inventory Released
Jun 26 2015

Earlier this month, the Wisconsin Adult Criminal Justice Program Inventory was released, the first product of our efforts on the Results First Initiative in collaboration with the Pew Charitable Trusts and MacArthur Foundation.