Adult Drug Court

Drug Court is a special court that hears selected cases involving substance-dependent offenders. Drug Court programs are rigorous, requiring intensive supervision by the Drug Court Agent and also frequent appearances before the judge that are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly,depending upon the phase they are in. They also are subject to frequent, random urinalysis testing and a long-term regimen of treatment and recovery services. Drug Court meets every week and a report of each participant's progress is prepared and given to the Drug Court Team prior to each hearing.The team is notified of positive and negative urinalysis tests, as well as attendance at treatment and community support meetings.This level of supervision allows the program to actively support the recovery process and react swiftly to impose sanctions like increasing the frequency of drug testing and community support meetings, order increased participation in treatment programs, complete community service or may reinstate criminal proceedings when participants cannot comply with the program. Graduations are held when one completes the Drug Court Program.This includes compliance with all conditions of probation, including paying victim restitution, and any other specific orders of the court.
Risk Level: 
Moderate to high risk
Risk Assessment Tools: 
LSI-R (Level of Service Inventory-Revised)
Post-plea/pre-adjudication or conviction
Stephanie Karls
Job Title: 
Kenosha County Drug and Alcohol Treatment Court
(262) 657-7188
5407 8th AVE
Kenosha, WI 53140
Alternative to Revocation Admission: 
Medication Assisted Treatment: